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[11 Feb 2007|07:17pm]
So I have been sick with the flu since Thursday. The only thing that is exciting to me is that The Police will be playing in 40 minutes!
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[20 Jan 2007|11:26pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So, there is this new love interest in my life, named Dan. Basically I have come to realize that he is one of the cutest, most adorable guys in the world. Enjoy these pictures showing off his dreamy eyes and sexy hair!!
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A fuckin perm [09 May 2006|05:08pm]
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RIP Gregory Ryan Landau I love you [08 Mar 2006|09:11pm]
For those who don't know, Greg's service will be held at:

Menorah Gardens & Funeral Chpl.
21100 Griffin Rd. Southwest Rnchs, FL, 33332
March 9, 2006 10am

Basically by US 27 and Griffin Rd. Everyone please try and make it out!
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Pictures of Wilma [26 Oct 2005|10:43pm]
Hurricane Wilma's aftermath!!Collapse )
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hurricane wilma!!! [26 Oct 2005|11:25am]
Life sucks right now. we are down in miami-dade county at my parents' friends house, they have power. we dont. we havent forever and no phone service. im bored out of my mind, with my daily activities limited to listening to the two inch radio, taking walks around the neighborhood, and making food on the grill. although we are starting to run out of food & water. we also are running a little low on cash and that could be a problem. i hate this, i dream about having power again, or using my phone, im charging my phone right now thank god. if anyone does read this, you do get signal and power at north perry airport for your cell phone. so i went there yesterday and called meg and peeps. part of meagans roof blew off its terrible, and my roof, the wood is exposed in many places. im not gonna lie, i never thought we would be the ones standing in lines to get water and ice. its just ridiculous. anyway, gots to go, take my cold shower now. please be safe everyone!

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btw, if you have power in broward county, consider yourself part of the lucky 5% that does because 95% of broward still has no electricity.
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lol [10 Oct 2005|09:55am]
[ mood | lovely ]

so i saw ken driving on pines blvd. the other day and i was wondering why i didnt see him circling my neighborhood earlier that morning.

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[20 Jun 2005|12:17pm]
Just got done finishing up changing all my passwords so this psycho named Ken won't fuckin' hack into my shit and read my personal stuff.

[15 Jun 2005|09:00pm]
[ mood | BORED ]

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[07 Jun 2005|12:02am]
[ mood | completely devastated ]

Fuck Detroit.

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PICTURES AS PROMISED [28 May 2005|01:30am]
WARNING, there are like 83748932 pictures under cut!Collapse )
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[17 May 2005|10:24pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Ok so here are a bunch of pictures from todayyyy!!
Our Project and the Recital!Collapse )

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here's an entry for ya. :) [12 Mar 2005|04:28pm]
College isn't for everyone.
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[18 Apr 2004|10:20pm]
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